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勝どき 食品加工センター 出荷業務





業務内容    鮮魚 加工スタッフ

​時給   1050円

交通費  支給

     支給規程あり (1日500円まで)

給与支給 毎月月末締翌月25日支給


最寄駅   中央区豊海町 都営大江戸線

勤務地   勝どき駅より徒歩15分程度 


勤務日     シフト制


勤務時間 土日7:00~19:00+残業の可能性あり                平日(14:00~19:00など)

It's the work to ship processed fish at a food processing center.

There is a lot of work which carries something heavy.

A strong man plays an active part.

It fits the person who likes getting exercise.

I want the person who can speak Chinese to come.


⦿hourly wage of    1050  yen.

⦿Transportation cost provision (There is a provision regulation.)

⦿Payment of salary: The next month's monthly end of the month total 25 day provision (transferring)
⦿Work location: Chuo-ku, Toyomi-cho, about a 15-minute walk.
⦿from Toei Oedo Line kachidoki station.

⦿Work Day  (Saturday  Sunday  Holiday).
⦿Time to work (within 28 hours a week).

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