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仕事内容 品出しスタッフ

時給   1000円

交通費  1日300円まで

給与支給 毎月月末締翌月25日支給


​資格   日本語レベル(JLPT) N3程度以上  

勤務地  神奈川県横浜市中区元町4丁目

​勤務日  平日 週3回程度

勤務時間 7:00~10:00



Please supervise your work to display the items on the shelf.
It is the work to take out the goods from the cardboard in the warehouse and replenish them to the shelves inside the store.
As there is work to carry heavy things, people who are confident in physical fitness, welcome.
Do not you use the 3 hours before class at the school afternoon meaningfully?

place:Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama city Naka-ku Motomachi 4 - chome

Work Day (Shift system)

Time to work: (within 28 hours a week)Time to work 7:00-10:00

With possibilities of the overtime workRest is a shift system by prescription.The hourly wage 

hourly wage of 1000 yen

Transportation cost provision (There is a provision regulation.) 

Payment of salary: The next month's monthly end of the month total 25 day provision (transferring)The Japanese level More than about N3.

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