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仕事内容   オフィスビル内の清掃

       時給   1000 円   

交通費支給  (支給規程あり)

給与支給   毎月月末締翌月25日支給


日本語レベル N4程度以上  

勤務地  東京都中央区日本橋小舟町

             小伝馬町駅 人形町駅 三越前駅 

     新日本橋駅 から徒歩にて各5分程度
勤務日  月~金曜日

勤務時間  6:30~9:30の3時間


その他  制服貸与あり 運動靴本人持参 

Please clean a nice office space.

The person who can work steadily seriously.

The work contents.

Work of cleaning in an office building.
Garbage collection in an office.
I vacuum.Shared room cleaning such as toilet.

⦿A working place:Nihonbashi Kobuna-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

⦿about 5 minutes from each station on foot.

⦿ Work day (Monday-Friday )  Fixed duties in 5 days a week.

⦿Time to work: 2.5hours without rest 

⦿The hourly wage: the hourly wage of  1000 yen

⦿Transportation cost provision (There is a provision regulation.)

⦿With uniform loan. 

⦿Need of shoes for work.

⦿Payment of salary: The next month's monthly end of the month total 25 day provision (transferring)

⦿The Japanese level  More than about N4.

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